Technique Manipulator

Technique Manipulator
is a tool to perform function tests on a phisical Unit by creating and manipulating the mission data.

Technique Manipulator is a GUI application built with the Qt framework in C++/QML for Windows XP/7/8/10 platforms. It has been designed in accordance with various design patterns (factory, memento, command, bridge, MVC, observer, façade, dependency injection).
The app features a dynamic QML ListView interacting with a custom AbstractListModel through Model-View-Controller pattern, to dynamically generate and manipulate the mission data to pass to the Unit.
Moreover the “technique generation” architecture was designed to be extremely reliable by implementing the undo/redo functionalities through Memento and Command patterns. The communication with the unit is performed by implementing a multithreaded architecture and the signal and slots mechanism of Qt.

This application was built for Elt Roma