Danilo Carrabino Danilo Carrabino

CSCI Loader

CSCI Loader
is a tool to enable the loading and verification of a CSCI software inside a phisical Unit.

It is a GUI application built in C++ with the Qt framework, which features custom widgets, Qt State Machines to handle the operations, message passing and multithreading functionalities. It has been designed in accordance with various design patterns (singleton, state machine, observer, fa├žade).
It interfaces with an RS232 serial port to communicate with the phisical Unit, and it is able to send and receive signals to and from a Digital I/O device of the National Instruments, in order to power on/off the Unit itself.

The requirements and design part was realized in UML 2 by using Enterprise Architect for:

  1. Use Cases.
  2. Requirements definition.
  3. Activity Diagrams.
  4. Sequence Diagrams.
  5. Class Diagrams.
  6. Package Diagrams.

I was acknowledged in a letter of thanks from the British Ministry of Defence, for the outcome of a job which required the use of such software.

This application was built for Elt Roma